Three incredible healing arts in one customized whole-body health approach.


It’s a game changer.

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The human body is incredible.

Did you know that your body is self-healing, self-regulating, and inherently intelligent? You are designed to be healthy! Tap into your health potential by learning to work with your body naturally.

A Closer Look

Celebrate Health

We are on a mission! We are bringing true health-care to our community and teaching other to honor and nourish their bodies naturally. We LOVE what we do and are so excited to share this crazy awesome approach to health and healing. Contact us today – it’s time to re-claim your health!

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Chiropractic Care

Assess the structure and of the body; improve movement, balance, and function of the nervous system.


Balance the body, fine-tune the energetics of the system.

Targeted Enzyme Nutrition

Nourish the body, heal the gut.

Targeted enzyme nutrition and dietary modifications.

We Are a Team of Passionate Healthcare Providers


Dr. Mackenzie McNamara, DC, IHS

Dr. Mackenzie is passionate about women’s care, wellness, and digestive health (and its implications on the health and function of the whole body)


Dr. Patrick McNamara, MS, DC, IHS

Dr. Patrick focuses on family care, ends-nasal techqniue, spinal health and rehabilitation, and is one of the best adjusters around. He has a Master’s degree in sports science and rehabilitation and is our resident anatomy guru.


Mara Gardner, PT, LMT

Mara specializes in a unique, full-body system of myofascial release (the release of tissue tension patterns in the muscles and connective tissue of the body). These tension patterns have both local and full-body impact on movement, health, and the balance of the body.


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