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I found Dr. Patrick McNamara in the spring of 2014 when I moved to the St. Charles, MO being new to the area due to a work relocation and not knowing any chiropractors in town.  I was pleasantly surprised by his professionalism, kind demeanor and willingness to take the time necessary to answer my questions and help educate me in the process. I would occasionally overdo it as a weekend warrior with golf, lifting weights or traveling and he would always get me back on track in no time! He was always accessible, quick to return a call and even accommodated me a couple times on a Saturday with short notice due to my busy work schedule. His office is easily accessible and I found he and Mackenzie to have the highest standards of care and professionalism in running their practice.  It was a pleasure to be treated by these fine doctors and I would highly recommend anyone in need of chiropractic care (even acupuncture) to give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.
Dennis S.

For a few months before coming to Dr. Mackenzie, I had been seeing a traditional chiropractor who also did physical therapy with heat and electrodes. Despite feeling better right after those treatments, and for a few hours after, by the end of the day my back and neck pain would come back as strong as before. Since coming to Gateways, my back and neck pain have improved greatly. I very much appreciate Dr. Mackenzie’s gentle and sensitive technique and under her care, much of my energy has returned and there are days when I feel almost normal! The Doc. is also teaching me breathing and movement techniques, which , when I use them, have been helping me a great deal.

Lisabetta T.

Before taking digestive enzymes, I had not had a solid BM in over 3 months (since the birth of my daughter via C-section). I was having diarrhea multiple times a day for over 3 months! The enzymes were a complete game changer for me. I noticed improvement in my GI system within 3 days! I highly recommend using Dr. McNamara’s tests to determine what enzymes you’re lacking to get a complete picture of your GI health!


Dr. Mackenzie has been a true blessing to my family. My daughter who was under the age of two at the time was not feeling well. She was not having wet diapers and I took her to the ER. They couldn’t figure out what was going on. Dr. Mackenzie got us in quickly to get my daughter adjusted. I was nervous because I had never had my child adjusted before. Before we left she had a very wet diaper! She also started sleeping better! We see Dr. Mackenzie on a regular basis for continued wellness visits. Dr. Mackenzie is very knowledgeable when it comes to children. My son, who is three years old, has sensory processing disorder and autism. He loves seeing Dr. Mackenzie when his brain “feels crazy”. He says she helps him feel better and it is seen in his behaviors! We have fewer melt downs and he performs better at therapy!

Amanda H.

I brought my daughter to see Dr. Mackenzie after getting results from a stool analysis showing candida overgrowth and being unhappy with the recommendation I had been given from another healthcare practitioner. Dr. Mackenzie suggested we start my daughter on a digestive enzyme (Pan) and enzymes and probiotics (SmI) to kill off the candida. We followed the protocol for a month while avoiding gluten, dairy, and sugar. Within that time frame my 2 year old started counting to 10, singing her ABC’s, and reading books to herself without any prompting from us. We also noticed that she had started to become much more confident in herself and less fearful of things that she had been refusing to do on her own before, such as slides and steps. It was like we had a different child. When we went in for a follow-up we weighed my daughter because one of the other concerns I had was that she had not gained weight in 6 months and had fallen off the chart. Within the one month she was on the supplements that Dr. Mackenzie recommended she gained 3 lbs! I am so thankful that we found Dr. Mackenzie and that we were actually finally able to see improvement in my daughter. I would highly recommend her to anyone who feels they are stuck in their health journey or is just ready to get started with a healthy lifestyle.

Alyssa H.

I was suffering from severe nausea and vomiting from pregnancy.   Dr. Mackenzie McNamara told me how she thought I would really benefit from acupuncture. I was skeptical because I felt I had tried everything and nothing seemed to give me any relief. But, I very much trust Dr. Mackenzie’s knowledge. So, I went in. It was such a great experience and it gave me a lot of relief from the awful nausea and vomiting I was experiencing. Not only is Dr. Mackenzie McNamara great at what she does, she also is really good at explaining things and procedures, and she’s very kind and gentle.
I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Lauren C.

I came to Dr. Mackenzie McNamara in my first trimester of pregnancy – tired and unable to function due to nausea and vomiting. As a mother of two children and a full time employee, it was important that I could carry out a day of work and mothering without being plagued with morning sickness. Dr. Mackenzie recommended acupuncture for relief of the symptoms, so I headed to her office at the first opportunity presented to me. When I arrived, the office was clean and the environment was friendly and I already felt at ease. I have never undergone acupuncture before so I was a little nervous about the needles and the experience as a whole. But Dr. Mackenzie explained everything clearly and walked me through the process so that I wasn’t apprehensive when undergoing treatment. After the treatment was over, I felt a little bit better and slightly more energetic but thought that it might have been because of the brief nap I took on the acupuncture table. At check out, Dr. McNamara explained the benefits of enzymes and their role in blood sugar and nausea. So I decided to purchase this as well to see if it would help. As the day went on, I kept feeling better – and after my experience at her office I had very little morning sickness. The days I had a rough time were usually the days I forgot to take the enzymes!! Dr. McNamara was crucial to my functioning in my pregnancy and I am eternally grateful to her for the entire experience. She is kind, understanding, professional, and truly interested in one’s health and journey to holistic living. Please go see her! You won’t regret it!
Jessica M.

As a long time patient of Mara Gardner’s who also works in the office with Dr Mackenzie I had been hearing about her nutritional plans and Chiropractic offerings.  I had been losing weight on my own for several months with a change in diet and exercise but got stuck and was having trouble losing more and reaching my goal.  I wanted to lose weight in a healthy way, not only to be healthier in general, but to also support my high level riding goals with my dressage horse.  On my first visit Dr. Mackenzie thoroughly explained her process, her own experience, and the science behind her plans.  I opted to try the 6-week nutritional eating plan with enzymes and it was an overwhelming success!  Not only did I lose weight in a positive and healthy way, I now have a complete strategy for maintaining my new weight for the rest of my life.  I reached my goal weight before the end of the year and I can’t believe my transformation.  It has been way too long since I was this healthy and trim and people have really noticed too.  The influence of this nutritional plan and the success I had has also gone way beyond my own life.  My husband adopted the eating plan and is close to his own goal weight he had in college, my parents have adopted a modified version of this and are at a lower weight than they have been in years and it’s made a huge difference for my diabetic father.  I have always had trouble finding the right diet where I wasn’t tired and had enough energy for my busy life and sports.  I have found my solution with Dr. Mackenzie and would recommend her methods to anyone interested in a truly life-altering strategy.

Karen S.

From as far back as I can remember, I was known as the family garbage disposal that would, and could, eat anything without questions; that was until I turned 25 years of age. It was around that time when I realized I was far from invincible from what I ate. Slowly, but surely the symptoms of discomfort, bloating, and irregularity began to set in. Unfortunately, as I can imagine many people experience, I lived with these feelings for many…MANY years to which I simply excused it as “that’s just how things are.” Little did I know I couldn’t be further from the truth. Fast forward 12 years and I find myself at the great age of 37 and feeling as miserable as ever. So, as I had done time and time again whenever I thought about making a lifestyle change, I decided it was time to get back into the gym, start eating “healthier”, and began supplementing with protein shakes.
It was at this point in time that due to some unfavorable circumstances, I was asked to speak with Dr. Mackenzie McNamara about some intestinal issues. After a series of simple exams, Dr. McNamara was able to determine that I was suffering from a lack of proper digestion that was leading to bloating, discomfort, and irregularity. Go figure. For the past 12 years these were all symptoms I had lived with but wrote them off as “normal”. Dr. McNamara proceeded to talk to me about supplementing my diet with enzymes (Bil and Ultra BDG) to help me with proper digestion of proteins needed for proper brain function, muscle growth, and energy. I began supplementing my meals near the end of July, 2016 and continued as usual with what I ate. I am definitely a person of habit, so I can tell you that the only thing I did differently than before was to begin supplementing with enzymes. While I didn’t notice any significant change within the first week, I did notice that my irregularity was a thing of the past. 

Along with an increase in my regular restroom visits, I noticed an all too common bloating (both feeling and visibly) began to diminish. Not only was I starting to feel better physically, but even my wife began to comment on how I was beginning to look better. By week three, I noticed a significant reduction of acid reflex at night, reduced bloating and intestinal discomfort, and by this point, I was about as regular as a digital clock. I felt like a completely different person. I felt 100 times better, I was looking better, and lastly I felt as though I had more energy than I had before. Today is September 10, 2016 and a lot has changed in my life thanks to taking Dr. McNamara’s advice to begin enzyme treatment. I have since greatly reduced the bloating, discomfort, and irregularity I had lived with for years. I have seen an increase in energy which has allowed it easier for me to be more active during work as

well away from work. Finally, I have since dropped weight from 190 lbs to 180 lbs naturally.
I feel like a brand new person thanks to Dr. McNamara. I have complete faith in the benefits of enzyme therapy and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This is definitely a lifestyle that is easy to follow and so worth trying.
G. M.